Behavior of Males versus Females in a Gym

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Behavior of Males versus Females in a Gym While systematically observing a social situation for approximatly one week, I have observed some common patterns of interaction and have rendered some possible explanations for these patterns of behavior. While there were some irregular observations, most of the behavior was consistent with that of my hypotheses. My research question involves the behavior of males versus females in the setting of a workout room or gym. I hyptohesized that males are more likely to interact with each other than females are, and males are more likely to use weights than females, while females are more likely to utilize aerobic activity machines more than males. All of these hypothesis will be further supported within the basis of my observations. My basic observation technique included using qualitative research methods and concentrating on how people interacted with each other, how they themselves acted , and how other people reacted to them. This included using the participant observation technique where ...
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