Beetlejuice Analytical Review

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In the movie Beetlejuice, the theme is that the afterlife is not really the end for us all; we live on a multiple level world between life and death, and need to respect the dead. The theme is idealistic and not applicable in real life to all people. Throughout the movie, Burton reveals his take on the living and life after death and the delicate interaction between the two. The character Otho, played by Glenn Shadix is key to Burton’s interpretation and scrutiny of the afterlife. Throughout the film Otho makes comments about the dead and even goes as far to steal The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Otho comments on those who commit suicide and how they become civil servant s in the afterlife. Barbra and Adam Maitland, played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin are used as guides for the audience into the process of the afterlife and give a unique Ghost’s perspective on the process.

Burton creates an elaborate opening credit sequence, which effectively catches the audience’s attention. The catchy and fast paced song along with the camera giving the effect of flying over a storybook small town (New England, Connecticut), the scene subtly shifts to a model town and finally, the camera pans up to an old house, before revealing a large sized spider crawling over the roof of the miniature main building where the movie takes place. It is at this point in the film where we are introduced to some of our main characters, Adam and Barbra Maitland; the Maitland’s live in a house that according to a local realtor is too big for a couple that does not have children, the in happily upbeat and in love couple decide to take a vacation and oddly the vacation is to stay home and spruce up their household. They decide to go for a drive on an overl...

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...orny” gave him his well deserved bragging rights for this mastermind film. Beetlejuice won an Oscar for best makeup and went on to win 6 other awards and 8 nominations. People liked this movie, because it was unlike the others being made in its time and was one of only few ever made from a Ghost’s point of view. The music that was used along with creative camera shots helped build excitement and kept the audience attentive. The slight raise of the volume when the camera made a close up on the fly in the cemetery along with others was highly effective with the scene action. Tim Burton was able to balance comedy and the more morbid aspects of the film brilliantly. The use of various colors, especially blue has become his trademark. All the actors fit perfectly in their roles in this movie, and their acting styles only contributed to the overall success of the film.

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