Beethoven Symphony Nine Analysis

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The story of Ludwig Van Beethoven is one that is very fascinating. He was one of the greatest composers to ever live. He has written countless numbers of chamber music, songs, sonatas, trios and quartets for many different instruments. He wrote for the piano and instruments within strings and woodwind families. Beethoven was the predominant musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic Eras. Even though his personal life was marked by certain hardships, he created a new voice for music by composing songs that changed the face of the earth including Beethoven’s Ninth symphony, Fifth symphony and Fur Elise (for the piano). Ludwig Van Beethoven was a deaf German composer that everyone has heard of, but the thing…show more content…
Nine. This piece is rather interesting to a lot of people. Even for the people that don’t necessarily listen and enjoy classical music, this piece catches the ears of many and they tend to like it. Symphony No. Nine starts off moderato and mezzo forte. This is the part of the piece most people don’t know of. As the piece continues, accelerando happens up to the tempo of allegretto. Through the entire piece, several different movements occur where tempos go from quick to slow and back to quick. When the tempo is speeding up, everything starts to crescendo and play at a forte level. When the tempo slows down, everything starts to diminuendo and play at a piano level. Throughout the piece some notes were staccato, but most notes were legato because they were smooth. Towards the end, two different lines are playing at the same time. People are singing while instruments are being played and both of them are very interesting to listen to. This came off to me to be homophonic. This piece is written in triple meter. Most people only like Symphony No. Nine because of the Ode to Joy movement. This was one of Beethoven’s best pieces and it was his…show more content…
This piece is probably the most commonly known amongst the people of today. This is probably my favorite piece of classical music because of the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel good and it makes me want to play the piano, get up and dance with someone. It comes off to me as a piece that is very soothing and peaceful. I have yet to meet a person yet that truly dislikes this piece. It isn’t too loud or to soft, it is just perfect at the level of mezzo piano. The tempo is a mixture between largo and moderato and it tends to alter between those two. Throughout the piece there is a theme. There are many sequences to where the theme is repeated. The notes are also very entertaining to listen to. Some notes are short and separated and others are smooth making the piece have a mixture of both legato and staccato notes. The rhythm and the way the song is shaped reminds me of how you would see a heart beat on a monitor, which is kind of ironic. The reason Beethoven decided to write this piece was because he was in love with a women. Every time I listen to this piece I can feel the love and peacefulness that he was trying to put in to it. This piece will forever be one of my favorite
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