Bed Bath Reflection

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bed bath to a patient. Is the nurse focused on just the task at hand and time management or are they trying to make this an enjoyable part of the patients day by taking the time to add a few extra such as lotion, make-up or even a foot rub? Most importantly, this opportunity allows the nurse to take the time to listen and connect with the patient on a personal level. When caring for a patient, they may not recall the skill based tasks that were performed or what was said, but they will remember how they felt about the care that they received (Thomas, 2011). The science of nursing consists of the ability to predict, explain objective results of treatments and interventions. Science gives the nurses the ability to have better understanding…show more content…
This nursing theory was created with the assistance of faculty, students and nurses during the era when Canada adopted the universal healthcare system (Johnson & Webber, 2015). The major concepts of this specific theory include “health, family, collaboration , learning, coping and development” (Johnson & Webber, 2015, p.186). The primary goal within this framework is to maintain or strengthen the patients’ health status by learning and applying knowledge. This theory relates to my nursing philosophy as I feel it is crucial to work with the patient and educating them about health. This enables the patient to have stronger understanding of their health and the ability to access and learn health promotions that will positively impact their personal health. This model promotes participation by the patient through creating a better learning environment to enable understanding of their own personal health issues, and setting obtainable goals to maximize the individuals outcome by improving health behaviors (Johnson & Webber, 2015). This specific theory relates with my personal values, beliefs and nursing philosophy as I see that a crucial part of nursing is education and health prevention for patients and their families. It is important for patients to participate in their own health and having personal accountability for choosing healthy behaviors is essential for patient autonomy. This theory also promotes the nurse to stay current with advances in the academic field of nursing, enabling them to provide evidence based information to support and guide their patient towards improved health related decision
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