Becomming a Professional Photographer

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When I was a little boy, I would always want to be in pictures. I look back at my pictures and think, why is it over time i do not like being in pictures? Now I am interested in taking the pictures. i want to learn all concepts of photography. i hope to learn how to take better pictures as i learn about capturing photographs from different angles in life one moment at a time. Photography is a greek word meaning “to draw light.” Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839 thought of recording images by action of light but was not the inventor of photography. The first photograph was taken by Jose Nicephore with an obscura camera, letting the light from the sun draw the picture capturing a moment in time. Now, we have printed pictures on paper which is the practical process of photography invented by Louis Daquerre. Showing movement and still life in modern days came as far back into painting and drawing (Freeman). Black and white digital photography by Sara Heinrichs (Heinrichs). In digital photography, there are black and white, aerial, negative, sepia, etc. images. Black and white is more commonly known as fine-art and traditional photography. Duotone, Split Tone, and Sepia Tone are three tones which create original or traditional black and white. Aerial is the best created for maps and scale drawings of landforms. These are mostly used in the Federal Government and Armed Forces. A chemical called a developer changes the chemicals on the film and creates a negative - so named because it displays colors that are the opposite of those actually making up the photograph (Rosa). Distortions effects help enhance photos and the use of hidden displacement maps. Digital panoramas also knows as digital stitching software is very simple. in fact, think of it as a quilt or blanket stitched by grandmothers. You take two, three, four, wtc. pictures and you can combine them into one giant picture. This was once four individual pictures of the irish countryside, now combined into one huge digital panorama (Schneider). A way that some famous photographers display their work is through picture magazines. Which photo journalists edit and critique within the different magazines. Photo journalists present a story primarily through the use of photographs. Each magazine has many different journalists who love to tell stories through photographs throughout the magazine.

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