Becoming a Section 8 Landlord

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Becoming a section 8 landlord is a relatively simple process to complete. As of 2009 there are two specific ways to lease your property through the section 8 program. Both consist of completing many documents and allowing for inspectors to view your property. Althought, the process can be long, many section 8 landlords believe it is well worth the wait.

What is the Section 8 program?

Section 8 is a government ran program that subsidizes the rent for qualified low-income families. The majority of participants are single women with children or disabled individuals. All of the participants posses a voucher pre-approved with a specific amount of monies to use toward rent. If the participant remains compliant to all the program rules, he or she can receive assistance for many years.

Applying through a HUD housing authority.

* Contact the housing authority that runs the section 8 program in the area where your property is located at.

* Complete an owners application. This application will gather necessary information about your property.

* Schedule a date and time...
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