Becoming a Schoolteacher

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My Views and Goals on Education I have to agree with Socrates when he says that children are born naturally good and society makes them bad. I believe that God gives everyone the same opportunities in life. What you do with the abilities he gives you is your decision. Becoming a schoolteacher to me is the best thing a person can do in life. You have the opportunity to individually help a child broaden their learning skills and help give them a chance at a better life. Discipline is something I feel a teacher should have in the classroom. If there is no control then there is no learning. From the very first day, the teacher should let the students no that she is in charge. Although I don’t feel that you should humiliate a child in front of others, but you should be firm and consistent. I agree with Skinner where he says that reinforcement and punishment are needed in the classroom. He says to reinforce behavior good or bad right after it occurs because the child will forget about it if you try to do it later. If the child was brought up the right way, then they will respect the teacher enough to listen to what they say. As long as the student is respecting you as a teacher, then I feel you should respect them as a student. All children are not the same and should not be treated the same. Some are fast learners and some are not. When you see a child falling behind you should take the time to help. A lot of time gifted students are looked over. Mainly because they may not have the proper testing material in schools. A gifted student may not always be the student who gets an A on ever test. It may be the young child failing every test because the mater... ... middle of paper ... ...n out there who cares for them and cares about what they do. I think by encouraging and praising a child you can get them to accomplish a lot of things. I also think a child should be taught the difference between right and wrong. They don’t know on their own and will never learn if they are not taught. By punishing them or by not letting them participate with the others you can show them when they are doing something they are not a loud to do. The way I look at education is this: life is hard enough with an education. So why try to go through life without one. As a teacher I want to give children an opportunity for an education so they can make something out of themselves. Every little bit helps and puts you one step closer to your goals in life. Everyone has a purpose in life and I feel that my purpose is to be a teacher.
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