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One thing I believe is a necessity in growing up is having a mentor. Having a mentor is, not only, beneficial for the mentee but also the mentor. Being a mentor is a learning experience for everyone participating, it helps people grow as a person and friendships are created when a bond if formed. Some people might think it's a waste of time for a child or that it'll never work out for a troubled delinquent but based on the research I've done, I have proven them wrong. Through-out this paper I will provide the pros and cons of mentoring and how they affect both mentor and mentee. To back up my proposal that mentoring is supporting, I will supply examples to answer the question: Is mentoring really important?
What is a mentor and what is their goal?
A mentor is a man or woman who takes the time to spend a certain amount of hours with a young child or teen in order to find out what might be troubling them or distract them from anything that may induce delinquency or some sort of anti-social behavior. As stated by the Advertising Educational Foundation, “Mentoring is much more about coaching and counseling. It's much more about the qualitative and subjective parts of our job – dealing with frustration, giving construction criticism, handling disappointment, behaving with humility and compassion, etc.” (AEF 2008)
According to an article, (Grossman, Jean Baldwin. Garry, Eileen M. 1990) “for disadvantaged children and teens, those participating in a mentoring program had reached a new level in improving their education, mental and physical health, and also relationships with friends and families.” These mentors provided the children and young adults with reassurance and hope with one on one contact. Not only does mentoring represent volu...

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...n them in their inevitable time of need. There are so many role models making a difference everyday. Mentors are celebrities, parents, older siblings, teachers, anyone who can be a supporting role model in someone's life, you don't even have to see them face-to-face, it's a matter of what that person's career or objective means to you and whether or not you believe in yourself enough to take that first step.

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