Becoming A Teacher Essay

Anything but Teaching Becoming a teacher and staying a teacher can be quite the challenge. Most universities don’t adequately prepare students for the challenges they will be met with every single day. Most students are not informed of the good, the bad, and the ugly before becoming a teacher. Many students are not fully aware of the seriousness and stressfulness that goes hand-in-hand with their profession. Teaching can cause more stress than many other professions and is one the least valued professions to date. Students should be aware of the low salary wages, challenging interactions with their fellow staff members and parents, and the constant changes made in their field that can directly impact their classroom. One of the more well-known…show more content…
The teaching field is always changing and evolving which can be challenging when a teacher is trying to stay on task in the classroom. Newly implemented standards devalue teachers and place much more emphasize on passing tests than actually learning the material. Many teachers now have to teach how to pass a test rather than foster and encourage a love of learning. Teachers do not receive a sufficient amount of support for the constant changes they are undergoing. Changes are made in the classroom year to year. This can also present a unique challenge to teachers if they have a large number of students in their classroom to teach. Classroom time is now being wasted in an effort to prepare students for the state-standardized tests. The original framework of the classroom is changing, along with the standards and overall scheme of today’s education system. Overall, teaching can cause a great deal stress and conflict in a young teacher’s life. Is the payoff worth it? Do you possess a love of learning and wish to foster that in others? If you cannot confidently yes to both of those questions, you should not become a teacher. Teaching is significantly harder than the media may portray it to be. The media can often portray teachers as being “glorified babysitters”, which does not do justice to the profession itself or the people in the
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