Becoming A Pediatric Nurse Is A Challenging Career Path Of Studying

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My desire to become a pediatric or children nurse is something I have being looking forward to since 2013 when studying the basic aspects of health and social care. I am adaptable, caring, confident, responsible, organise, willing to learn, flexible, dedicated, hard working, committed and respectful person who is looking forward to work in the pediatric department of health. However, my passion to become a pediatric nurse has developed greatly through the past three years of studying health and social care. In other word, my passion to become a pediatric nurse does not only developed, but it also helped me to have a clear understanding of how essential it is to be part of the healthcare sector. In addition, I know that pediatric nursing is a challenging career path of studying because I will be dealing with children at age 0-18 years old who have different health needs. However, I know that the challenges will not only rely on the children, but also their parents or guardians. Meanwhile, though to become a pediatric nurse is challenging, but I am fully aware that it is a rewarding career to studying and have achieve something greater. First of all, my knowledge of becoming a pediatric nurse does not only rely on the physical aspects or well-being of a child, but also the intellectual, emotional, social alongside spiritual aspects of the child. However, I know that for an individual to defined health, we need to look at all these aspects of the individual. Alongside this, I also know that to become a pediatric nurse it involves excellent skills such as: effective communication, teamwork, good time management, decision making, applying numeracy, adaptability and problem solving skills. However, these are all skills that I have and... ... middle of paper ... helping me greatly as to what it means to make difference in the lives of others. Beside the above experience, I also work closely with children at home, church and activities places and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I like getting children involved in activities that keep them busy. Alongside this, I like the idea of them sharing their moments with me while carrying out the activities as this is another way of understanding them better. In contrast, in my spare time I like to socialize, go out with friends and family, read books, listening to music, cooking, cleaning up the house and most importantly, doing research on my course work. Overall, I am so privileged, passionate, enthusiastic, determined and motivated to enter into university to pursue my career to the next level to become a pediatric nurse in the next three years time.

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