Becoming A Family, And The Four Stages Of Family

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Family is defined as,” A social institution in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another, including any children.” I believe family can be described in many ways, just depending on where you come from. Some cultures say that family is everything to them, while others think that a family is just a way to join businesses and gain wealth. There are four stages of family life that you will experience. The first that you will go through is courtship, where a couple gets engaged and begins their journey of becoming a family. The second is the settling in part of marriage for the couple. The third is when the couple starts to have and raise their children. Lastly, the fourth stage is the family of later life, when everyone in the family grows up. Courtship is the first stage of starting a family life. It is defined as, “The period in a couple 's relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind.” Courtship can be a private affair between the couple, it can be a public matter, or it can be a formal…show more content…
This is where your kids will “leave the nest” and began to start their stages of family life. The children will usually stay in contact with their parents and live close to them, some parents even have to live with their kids because they need to be taken care of. Watching your children grow up must be an amazing thing to see, to watch them start their own families. The family of later life can be a hard and very emotional to deal with, because as everyone ages the spouse will eventually die and you will be left by yourself, that’s an excruciating pain to deal with. Many widowers face being alone and even with their children being there, it is sometimes too difficult to deal with. I think the family in later life will bring the most sorrow and the most job of all of the

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