Becoming A Communications Coordinator At High School

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Every year students from all over will graduate from high school and receive their high school diplomas, and for some they will continue their education in university to further their learning. Ultimately, the goal for these students is to graduate with their undergraduate’s degree and hopefully enter the workforce. However, even with university level education many people still graduate unprepared for this next transition in life. That is why as a young university student I pursued this interview with the intention of learning more about how life will become after university and how best to prepare for it. Graduating from the Red River College in Winnipeg, Mrs. May Ambalina brings with her almost thirty years of experience to the interview. Mrs. Ambalina’s many years of experience allows her to provide both thoughtful and insightful responses, along with practical advice with respect to the interview’s focus. Ambalina’s path to becoming a communications coordinator began during a time of uncertainty, as she had to give up her previous position because of the company moving away. She eventually got a job through a friend at Nygard first starting out as an inventory scanner and then one day ending up in the position she is in today, as Nygard’s communications coordinator. She however, did not choose this career path, nor was it something at all related to her college education. Instead it was simply her making the best out of what was an uncomfortable situation. When Ambalina first received her promotion to communications coordinator she found herself in an unfamiliar environment, one where she says was very different from her previous occupations. While difficult to adjust to, she explains that you need to be flexible in orde... ... middle of paper ... ...even invested in their own software programmers for the company which in effect has made her job much more organized and productive. At the conclusion of my interview with Ambalina, I had one idea that stuck with me the most strongly. I have always had the attitude of wanting to continuously be better than those around me in pursuit of a wealthier future, but as I have gotten older and more mature my ideology on this slowly changed. Even more so at the conclusion of my interview with Ambalina who herself chose to stay in a lower level position than be promoted higher up into the company. It led me to reflect on what I really wanted out of life, and whether or not focusing everything into a job was what would make me truly happy. As I continue to finish my education, I’ll know that happiness is not a measure of wealth or accomplishments, but whatever I make it to be.

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