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Happiness is a feeling of joy or satisfaction. It is also a feeling, which a person should feel while working in her profession. It is highly important for a person to enjoy her work so she may always apply the best of her ability to her work. A lawyer applies much of her time into her work, so enjoying it is very important. Starting from college, lawyers spend much of their time working hard to become successful lawyers. They also take part in multiple assessments to ensure that they are well prepared to practice represent clients in a variety of legal matters. Pursuing a career in law is good for someone who is good at arguing, because it gives lawyers a chance to bring happiness to a client and justice to people. The government or private firms employ lawyers (“Where do Lawyers Usually Work” 1). Twenty-six percent of lawyers either work for firms or in solitary (“Lawyer” 3). While working lawyers spend much of their time researching cases, interviewing witnesses, selecting a jury, and negotiating eight the opposing side about pleas and settlements out of the courtroom (Where do Lawyers Usually Work” 1). Lawyers may also review the current law, negotiate with others about the current law, or potentially preparing for court cases (1). Salaried lawyers have scheduled workhorse unlike private lawyers or lawyers that work for law firms (“How to Become a Lawyer” 2). Private or law firm lawyers have irregular work hours throughout the whole week including weekends (“Lawyers” 4). Lawyers spend much of their time in courtrooms, law libraries, and law firms and sometimes they travel to their client's home or place of work (4). Pursuing a career in law requires many qualities including the ability to understand and apply law in various s... ... middle of paper ... ...s often need to work part time in another (8). Most starting lawyers usually works earn less than lawyers partnered with firms (8). Lawyers are people who bring justice to their clients. They are chosen by their clients to speak on their behalf in a court of law. Lawyers require many specific skills that help them be better lawyers. Lawyers must be good with winning the respect and confidence of their clients so they may better receive all of their information. Lawyers attend many years of school to prepare themselves and learn all of the skills they need. As the article “How to Become a Lawyer” said, “To practice law in any state, a person must be admitted to its bar under the rules established by the jurisdiction’s highest court.” In conclusion, lawyers spend much of their time preparing themselves to represent people and bring them the justice that they deserve.

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