Beauty standards---a new restriction to women

The era of mass media is flooded with all kinds of advertisements, and this ubiquitous industry(beauty advertisements especially) has gained higher public awareness these days, since it has been accused of creating unreal ideals of beauty which pose pressure on females to become slimmer and more facially attractive, forcing them to damage their health at the expense. However, criticisms against advertisements are basically focused on the negative effect on women’s health, behind which there is in fact something we ignore. In brief, what should be noticed is that on acceptance of the reasonability of beauty advertisements, women are by osmosis admitting the inferiority of their social status compared with men. In the ancient times, women were controlloed both physically and mentally by stale social moralities and traditions, whereas in this nowadays society which seemingly emphasizes freedom, advertisements may be a new form a restriction to females. This rest of essay is going to argue that advertisements and media affect women’s social status in a negative way.

The social role of women is subtly defined as “affiliated to men” in advertisements and other media. The tricky thing is that beauty ideals in Ad video clips imperceptibly convey the message that the roles of women are related to sex and submissiveness (Kilbourne, 2007) (this can be corroborated from the various ads), which are properties regarded as attractive to men. According to the Mere Exposure Effect, people tend to prefer things that are familiar to them. Thus with bunches of advertisement displays perceived by people every day, they not only consider the effectiveness or reliability of the products, but at the same time, they form stereotypes. So this may probab...

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