Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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There is countless number of harmful elements in the environment surrounding humans. Many are concrete things such as poisons, bacteria, and viruses. But there is also the untouchable danger of the human mental weakness. The idea of a certain thing being “in” or in other words popular can be quite harmful even though it does not seem so. The ease into which people fall into the modern trends is astonishing and should be alarming. One in particular that is rather disturbing to analyze is the ideas of beauty that are perceived by some people. Beauty can be interpreted in many ways and some say “it’s in the eye of the beholder”. Reality is that many only see beauty as a difficult or impossible vision and go to extremes to achieve the unachievable. Beauty is a toxin for lost teens or gullible adults; it tricks them into changing their own characteristics to try to be attractive. Beauty can be what you want it to be and the positives of trying to reach nowadays “true beauty” are nowhere as near as the negatives. Logic can help put things in perspective, next time you feel ugly think about what you are both inside and out.

One must believe oneself beautiful in order to have the self-esteem to thrive in life. Confidence is a common ingredient in beauty writes R.Odes from the The Look Book. The time and money wasted on trying to become beautiful is ridiculous. It only takes minimal efforts to try to be yourself and you can impress by your special attributes. Confidence gives good impressions which in turn lead to relationships. The fact that no one is perfect even though some may think they are causes adaptation of the flaws someone has. Make your own beauty is the final statement by the “Own your own Look” passage. The passage can be translated into a basic beauty is what you think it is statement and it holds true for people that do not succumb to the pressure of modern beauty.

“They tend to stay away from socialization, because they feel that they are not thin enough and therefore rejected by society and they deny the fact that they are suffering from anything” sadly this is a description of anorexia by the website “”. Women are the main focus of weight problems such as anorexia or bulimia common called diseases.