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Numerous clothing ads appeared in the August 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine to show of the fall's biggest trend especially for “back-to-school” shopping. The eyes of the reader are first drawn to Seventeen's headline of “1081 Ways to Look Amazing;” and further into the magazine, the readers are attracted to models who appear to look like seventeen year-olds. Majority of the clothing ads portray the “everyday” teenager who is constantly happy, and most of all, thin. However, Torrid's clothing ad differentiates from the rest of the advertisements. Torrid is a clothing specifically created for “plus-size” bodies, but by looking at the ad, the reader cannot tell the model is plus-size; each of the model appears thin. The back-to-school issue illustrates that having a thin body is significant for girls.

On the other hand, in the most recent issue, the prom issue, of Seventeen magazine (May 2010), the focus shifted from having the perfect body to having perfect, skin. The main headliners includes “943 Ways to Look Pretty For Free!” and “Perfect Skin! Without Any Makeup.” Many of the ads and features of the magazine focuses on close-ups of the face for make-up or acne medicine. Neutrogena, Clearasil and Clinque are featured products to have clear skin and Maybelline and Covergirl are make-up lines to hide imperfections on the face. These ads stigmatize the image of having the “perfect skin” that is shown to be clear of every blemish on the face. Having perfect skin coincides with having the perfect body in which girls must attain both to appear normal.

In the podcast, Taking Surprising Risks for The Ideal Body, there is a global perspective of the ideal body image which young women and girls in Jamaica use extreme methods to fit t...

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...ger message that controls the girl's image.

There was three different podcasts that revolved around adolescent girls adapting to society's ideal body image. The time periods for each podcasts' publication varies: Taking Surprising Risks for The Ideal Body was published on March 22, 2010; Is America Obsessed With Beauty was published on August 22, 2008; and Roundtable: Black Women and Body Image was published on June 9, 2005. Throughout the span of five years, body image ideologies among girls increased to a global issue, as seen in Jamaica, and have not diminished in today's values. Unlike Seventeen magazine, the podcasts are directed more towards an adult audience due to the analysis of young teenage girls. However, if younger generations listened to the podcasts, they will have a better and new perspective on the “ideal” body and how they view themselves.
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