Beauty Pageants: Helpful or Harmful?

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There has always been controversy as to whether beauty pageants are good for young girls. Beauty pageants are not something young girls should participate in. Of course any parent would be proud of their little girl if they won a beauty contest because beauty pageants would help little girls to be comfortable around adults, give them a chance to win money and teach them the importance of friendly competition; however, there are downsides such as the amount of money that must be spent, the harsh competitive hours and training girls must go through, and most importantly the emotional and physical damage in can cause in the long run. Pageants aren’t as glamorous as we see it on television. In beauty pageants, young girls are introduced to a completely new world where everything is about winning that big crown at any expense.They must participate in face to face judgment. They basically walk up and down a stage and wait to be judged on how pretty they look or how much effort they can put into a costume It really gives them the opportunity to experience first hand judgment so it helps them in the long run. Like the other contestants, she will be mainly with adults. It’s possible the only people she will see are her parents and/or trainers and people who help with the preparation of the pageants. It’s likely they with become more comfortable with adults ,considering the fact that they deal with them for so long, outside of pageant competing. In addition to helping young girls properly adapt into the adult world and face judgment in competition, they also gain lots of confidence. One reason many parents out their daughters in pageants is to help their kids gain confidence. In these types of competitions, the little girl is dressed u... ... middle of paper ... ...still has many risks parents should not take with their children. Research shows how negative a beauty pageants can be on a young girl and, putting them through countless hours of hard training, preparation for the risk of losing and causing emotional and physical damage. Why put them through that for a crown? It’s up everyone with a sister, daughter, granddaughter or niece to express the dangers of beauty pageants, and its just better if we don’t have them involved in them at such a young age. Works Cited Child Beauty Pageants-Pros and Cons. 7 Feb. 2013. Web. 8 January. 2014 Danielle. Pros and Cons of Child Beauty Pageants. 7 Aug. 2012. Web. 8 January 2014 Villines, Zawn. Beauty Pageants and Children: It’s Not Always Pretty. Good Therapy. 15 Nov. 2012. page1. Magazine Williams, Zini. Beauty Pageants and it’s Effects on Children. 6 Dec. 2013. Web. 8 January. 2014
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