Beauty Pageants Are Self Esteem Killers And Distort The Views Of A Woman 's Role

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Beauty pageants are self-esteem killers and distort the views of a woman’s role in society. The majority of people, especially women, are campaigning against this ambiguous tradition. Many adjustments have been conveyed to conform to these recognitions. Some of these adjustments include: donating to charities, achieving the art of elocution, and opportunities for educational scholarships. As thoughts and views on gender roles and gender identity have undergone changes, trending opinions have contemplated this certain extravagant event. A massive percentage of the populace contemplates that an old tradition doesn 't seem to fit into modern times. Low self-esteem and eating disorders are frequently present in beauty contestants. Recent statistics have shown that out of 131 female beauty contestants, over one-fourth of the women have had or perceived to have eating disorders. Also, as a contestant is put under higher competition, their self-esteem decreased as well, along with developing eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and depression. These contests not only affect the contestant, but also the outside audience. Through research, it is evident to notice that people can be influenced on how they view the body image of women and themselves. By watching various beauty pageants, often times, it replaces reality with an unrealistic expectation of beauty. As a result, many may feel they need to lose weight and conform to an impossible standard. One may argue that beauty pageants provide a way to earn a sustainable amount of cash or scholarships. However, scholarships only offer a fraction of the money rendered. Plus, instead of earning a profit, the majority of women who participate spend the money beforehand on dresses, hair, makeup, ... ... middle of paper ... ...auty pageants; ruining a child’s, especially a girl’s, perspective of one’s self-value. Pageants may overshadow these shallow conceptions with scholarships, fame, and development of public speaking and character. Instead, they block society from learning that self-confidence comes from within not from the outer appearance. Beauty pageants are still a major part of society that influences the objectification of women’s bodies and dismisses the appraisal of a women 's intellect as irrelevant. Through the years, they have tried to conform to modern times, yet the appraisal of confidence from outer appearance is still apparent. This is arrayed by the swimsuit category and long hours of makeup prep time. Only time will tell, when this old-fashioned business ploy will cease to exist, and a women’s role isn’t just wearing a bikini in high heels for all men to salivate over.

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