Beauty Is Painful, By Today 's Society

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There is a reason why the quote, “Beauty is Painful” is known in today’s society. This quote was not made up just for an expression. There are women all over the world who has a different portrayal of beauty and its true meaning. Not all women love their bodies, and not all women have the perfect physical appearance. In today’s society lots of women believe the true portrayal of beauty is a low BMI, narrow hips, prominent bust, and hair-less genitalia. Many would refer to it as the perpetuation of a Barbie doll. Everyone is beautiful in someone’s eyes, but more women are worried about their specific image of beauty. Lots of women try to make their appearance like the women on television or in the media, women think that is how everyone sees the potential of beauty in today’s society when it is not. The impossible-to-achieve standard of beauty causes pressure, body dissatisfaction, and eating disorders in women. Women can be pressured when it comes to the ideal image of beauty. Many women, especially in the media thinks they have control of their bodies and think that they are expressing themselves, when really they are not. Mary Kosut informs, “Younger generations of women have been socialized to embrace a more sexualized appearance as a form of empowerment . . . when fictional female characters are physically powerful, they are often also sexualized/sexually manipulated” (125). Women can be pressured into doing things they are not interested in. Models have to dress half naked just to catch others eyes. It seems as though women are pressured more into advertising their bodies, rather than the product or company. “Women’s bodies are dismembered, packaged and used to sell everything from chainsaws to chewing gum, champagne to sha... ... middle of paper ... ... pageants also. The contest subjects young girls and women to competitions rooted in valuing the body over the mind. Bordo refers to the pageants as, “public scrutiny” (19). Young girls may not be starving themselves, but their parent(s) makes sure they watch everything they eat. “Beauty competitions have also encouraged girls as young as five years old to receive coaching on their appearance” (Bordo 19). The young girls are put on diets before and during the competition in the beauty pageants. Everyone has their own perception of beauty. Beauty is not all about the things done on the outside, it is about how a woman feels within herself. It is impossible to achieve standard of beauty in today’s society because women are pressured, not satisfied with themselves, and trying to go the easy route by having surgeries; when there are also high risks with the surgeries.
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