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Defining Beauty They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This comment is concordant with facts because what one person may think is beautiful another person may not share the same thought. However, most people judge beauty based on physical appearance; growing up I have heard this statement from my grandfather “Beauty is as beauty does,” or “Beauty comes from within.” As a result, I have learned to define beauty as an individual’s vitality, intelligence and personality.
In the 14th century the term Beauty implies "physical attractiveness," and also "goodness, courtesy." The word biaute from Old French, interpretation "beauty, seductiveness, beautiful person," The definition of the Latin word Bellus "pretty,
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Sadly, societies have narrowed down the appreciation of beauty to only visual sense, but we forget that the inside of a person can also determine their real beauty. We tend to judge others' quickly and harshly merely based on their appearance. For example, a guy with black skin, thick beard, and big muscles are considered violent and fiery. Another man is seen as cute and trustworthy because he has white skin and a baby face. Those judgments are unfair because we do not get to know their real inner side. A beautiful looking person with an ugly personality is repulsive. Time will soon age his or her outer beauty. They cannot reserve their youth forever, even with plastic surgery. That person's ugly personality chases away the people around him or her. As a result, he or she will end up being ugly from inside out. In contrast, a not good looking person with a beautiful heart is beautiful. Personality and morality define Inner beauty. They express their inner self by caring and loving other people. Their inner beauty attracts and creates long lasting bonds with others. Inner beauty is always young, so it covers a person's aged looking. Despite being old, a person with a great personality will always feel beautiful and happy because they will find others who are willing to love and care for them in return. They use their success to do charity work in their community. Namely, Taylor Swift has an ideal body and is a successful singer at a young age. She does not let her outer appearance cover up her inner beauty. She received the Ripple of Hope Award for donating $4 million to the Country Hall of Fame Museum and topped many lists as the most charitable celebrity for her work with children who have cancer. Many of her fans around the world admire her not just her talents but by her

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