Beatles Influence

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Onorati 7 Armando Onorati Scott Barkan History of Popular Music November 27, 2017 The World and it’s influences on the Beatles When one thinks of The Beatles, some concepts that usually come to mind are the hippies, psychedelic drugs such as marijuana, and their timeless classics such as Blackbird, Yesterday, and Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. While these associations are founded in truth, the Beatles are also closely connected with the politics of that time. Their song lyrics advocate for peace and harmony in a world that was at war. The way they dressed, and the length of their hair showed a disdain for the social norms of the time. Their greatest influences were famous for straying away from the normal to find art in the unventured. The Beatles were created in a time of unpredictability, but their music will outlive them. Prior to The Beatles, there were numerous precursors with different styles of music that existed that came together to set the stage for the Beatles to become successful throughout the world and throughout popular music. When the Beatles first became popular, rock and roll was only about fifteen years old at that point, although they did have iconic musicians who they looked up to and aspired to be like. John Lennon stated himself in an interview saying, “If there hadn’t been an Elvis, there would not have been The Beatles.” The band even did a cover of one of Elvis’ popular songs “All shook Up.” The group also adopted other influences into their music such as using a sitar in some of their songs. The sitar is not an instrument commonly found in western music and has not been heard previously in pop songs, but the group found a way to incorporate it into their music flawlessly. Georg... ... middle of paper ... ...nly continually be judged by the public for your music, but to also express your opinion on controversial topics in order to make a change. Many people struggle to do this in their everyday life, but The Beatles stayed true to their values, even while in the public eye. They were pioneers of modern political activism within the arts, which makes them infinitely valuable to our history and our culture. Works Cited Corry, Jessica. "The Beatles and The Counterculture." TCNJ Journel of Student Scholorship (2010). Curtis, James M. Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music and Society, 1954-1984. Popular Press, 1987. Scheurer, Timothy. "The Beatles, the Brill Building, and the persistence of Tin Pan Alley in the age of rock." Popular Music and Society (2017). Unknown. US history 1950-1975. n.d. Wawzenek, Bryan. "Top 10 Beatles Songs." 24 JUne 2013.
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