Beatles Influence

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The Beatles nearly invented the pop music genre. They not only influenced many other artists but were an extremely diverse group of singers and songwriters. Regardless of technical ability, the Beatles have accomplished what no band had ever done, and have yet to be bested by any subsequent artists. There is no other candidate for the best band, because nobody can ever match the musical level of the Beatles. Personally, I feel that the Beatles is the greatest band ever because they have influenced millions of people, their music was a huge success, they are well known around the world, and their songwriting skills were legendary. To start off, the Beatles have influenced millions of people all around the globe. In the early ‘60s, teenagers were just beginning to assert their voices as a generation, and the Beatles were something of an outlet for that voice ( The Beatles appeared in the United States not long after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, so they were sort of an optimistic antidote for a nation under grief ( Also, they had an influence of musical style, fashion, and even world view to a degree (in that for maybe the first time, the public cared what a pop start thought). The band was mentioned in newspapers virtually every day throughout the early part of their career, and was a part of the consciousness of nearly the entire world ( The band was perfect for the generation for which it was created, but any given person would think that the following generations would move on to their own musi... ... middle of paper ... ...eatest/)! The Beatles’ success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s songwriting genius, George Harrison’s guitar playing prowess, Ringo Starr’s artful simplicity as a drummer, and the solid group harmonies that were a distinctive feature of their recordings ( Moreover, the Beatles mastered the art of music. The rhythm and sections of their songs were put together so perfectly that no one else in the world could touch them. They were one of the first innovators of the way music was played, produced, written and performed. All group members of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr all contributed to The Beatles' typical sound and writing (
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