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What started in early sixties as an intense fan following of a British band Beatles , by mid-sixties become a global phenomenon that (London) Daily Mirror named Beatlemania.
No other performers before or after Beatles caused such an all-consuming following by media, inspired by a collective hysteria expressed by screaming, weeping and fainting of fans, mostly teen-age girls .
Beatlemania expanded through Europe first ,arriving to U.S. in Feb 1964 with Beatles' first U.S Tour .Consequently, it spread throughout the world, lasting until the end of the Beatles' 1966 U.S. Tour and their final live performance in San Francisco.
Considered at first to be only a passing teenage trend, Beatlemania in fact had many positive impacts within its historical moment and served as a precursor to future changes in society, music, and history.
Beatlemania brought attention to the adolescence and sparked scientific research of this topic. In the pre-sixties Britain, one was expected to move quickly from childhood to adulthood thus, difficulties of life and wars didn't allow previous generations to linger in this period of life. Philip Norman, the author of the book "John Lennon The Life", says that "The effect of rioting hormones on immature and impressionable minds had yet to be studied in any depth by scientists or sociologists". An article " Beatlemania-A Study in Adolescent Enthusiasam" by A.J.W.Taylor which appeared in 1966 issue of the British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology (volume 5,issue2,pages81-88) was a result of a grant from the Research Commitie of Victoria University in Wellington which came as a direct consequence of preceeding Beatles' visit to New Zealand.
Beatlemania was a great unifier of youth...

... middle of paper ... and soul to America. Blues musician Muddy Waters comented that "Until the Beatles exposed the origins ,the white kids didn't know anything... now they've learned it was in their backyard all the time".(107)
Millions of teenagers throughout the world learned English in attempt to understand Beatles' lyrics..
Beatlemania was undoubtly , result of the music that Beatles gave to the World. It was also a product of brilliant work by people who surrounded the band. However,it is quite clear that the World was ready and waiting to undergo many changes .As a result of its perfectly timed arrival on a hystorical scene , Beatlemania was eagerly embraced by young post -war generation thus becaming the igniting force and the vessel for future changes in society, much more than Beatles themselves or anyone else could have predicted. It’s legacy lives.
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