Beastly Challenges Of The Nursing Field

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Beastly Challenges of the Nursing Field Healthcare is a very demanding industry that requires people who are willing to conquer the various challenges that are expected to come along with it. However, despite the difficulties, the “healthcare industry is projected to add more jobs than any other industry between 2012 and 2022” (Torpey 1). Healthcare will continue to rise during a recession because there is always a need for health facilities. On the surface, this career field seems very appealing to the average college student who is trying to find security in a steady job. It is important to reveal not only the pros about one 's desired dream job, but also the challenges within that job. Since nursing is one of the fastest growing industries, there is a challenge to provide adequate care to patients because of the stress of the job, keeping up with the technological advancements, and policies such as the affordable healthcare act; therefore, it is imperative that these problems be alleviated by securing funding for recruitment and retention, improving workload quantity and quality, and closing the education/service gap. Although the amount may vary, stress is an aspect in any job one may choose; however, it is clear that nursing burdens a slightly higher level of stress on a person than most jobs. For example, being exposed to death on a daily basis can create a problem for not only the nurse, but also the patients the nurse is treating. The nurse could become depressed and feel like he or she is not doing their job very adequately, causing his or her judgment to be faulty when determining treatment for the patient. “Interviewed nurses often feel pressure and lack emotional support for themselves” (Ingebretsen). Nursing will... ... middle of paper ... ...nto the system to help with this difficult transition. Since the Affordable Healthcare Act is making a challenge come to the surface, it is only logical to enforce “new ways to deal with the issue” (Roth 68, 69). Congress should reevaluate the Graduate Medical Education program and consider making it slightly easier to be accepted into a medical program. By allowing a slightly bigger amount of people into medical school, the education gap will gradually close with more people who are being educated. Although the challenges of Nursing may vary, they all focus to one main concern which is the inability to provide quality care to patients due to stress, technology advancement, and governmental policies; however, with a detailed plan of how to fix these issues, the healthcare system still has their reputation of being one of the most resilient industries in the world.

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