Bearding A Bearded Dragon

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Bearded dragons are originally for Australia and are very social creatures. Bearded dragons are perfect for first time pet owners. However, many people do not know how to properly take care of a bearded dragon. Before purchasing a bearded dragon talk to an employee at the pet store and they will tell you everything you need to know. They will also tell you if you are able to take care of this kind of pet. Here are the basic instructions to make sure your bearded dragon lives a long happy and healthy life. The first thing a bearded dragon owner needs to do before even getting the dragon, is tank preparations. The most important item to have is a tank. Depending on the size of your bearded dragon, the minimum size of a tank can be ten gallons and maximum size of a tank can be one hundred gallons. A fully grown adult can grown between fourteen and twenty-two inches. The basic supplies you will need for the tank are day and night heat lamps, terrarium liner for bedding (which looks like fake grass), food and water dishes, feeding tongs/tube, hide house, basking rocks, and branches/vines. After setting up the tank, the owner needs to be able to control the tank’s temperature. Bearded dragons are desert dwellers and require low or no humidity. There should be three different temperature sections in the tank. The basking or hottest side should be between ninety-five to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The warm side should be between seventy-eight to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. The cool side should be at least sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, no lower or the bearded dragon may become sick. Now you are ready to purchase your bearded dragon. When it comes to cleaning the tank, daily maintenance consists of spot cleaning by removing soiled ... ... middle of paper ... ...ragons shed their skin in patches, not all in one piece. The bearded dragon will become pale in color and will shed every four to six weeks. Do not peel off the skin if it is not ready to come off. Early peeling can be dangerous and painful. Some signs of illness are irregular scales; small reddish spots around eye, ear and mouth area; irregular jaw or mouth rot; cloudy eyes and dull skin when it is not time for shedding; dark body patches; thinned body; irregular habits; thermal burns. Following this process you will be able to properly take care of a bearded dragon. Again I advize talking to an employee and the pet store where you are purchasing your bearded dragon from to make sure you are able to take care of it. Your bearded dragon should be able to live a long and healthy life. These instructions will make you the perfect pet owner for your new bearded dragon.

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