Beals’ Reflection and Analysis

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Beals’ Reflection and Analysis

In the book Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Beals was a heroine and a national symbol of hope for change. Beals and eight other students were brave enough to attend Little Rock Central High School, the highly segregated school in Arkansas in 1957. Despite the many objections from the segregationists and the Governor Faubus, the nine students were able to complete the school year. During the school year of 1957 – 1958, Melba and eight other African-American students received tremendous harassments from the Central High students, parents, administrators, and segregationists. Beals’ mother almost lost her, because she supported her daughter’s decision to attend Central High. President Eisenhower had ordered the 101st Airborne Division to protect the nine students to attend Central High school. The Little Rock crisis interested the world of democracy. Therefore, many students worldwide in 1957 wrote many letters to encourage these nine African-American students. Earnest Green was the first African-American student that graduated from Central High School. During the crisis, Governor Faubus closed down the Central High School for two consecutive years. On September 1960, the integration continued on Little Rock Central High School with the admission of two African-American students. Through Beals’ memoir, the readers could visit the historical event and get the reflection of the U.S. history.

In 1957, the Little Rock crisis did almost jeopardize the U.S. national security. First issue, the U.S. government confronted the Cold War with USSR. The armed defenses and space race did cost U.S. a fortune in the budget. Second, U.S. began the endless war in Vietnam. Third, the Little Rock crisis added more troubles t...

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...nglish-speaking students. Like Melba Beals, I ignored these students to get out of troubles. In addition, I used some teachers’ assistances to protect me from these students. If anything was out of my control, I would let Mrs. Becker knew with my broken English. One time, Mrs. Becker almost disciplined for his behavior against me. However, I told Mrs. Becker not to discipline him, because that would generate more troubles for me.

The Civil Right movements finally ended the segregation of school forever. Again, Melba Beals was a heroine and national symbol to face the Central High School segregationists. Beals and eight other African-American had the historical experience that other students would never have. Today, all students can benefit from the diverse multicultural schools. Without the integration, many students will not meet the current globalization need.
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