Bead Bar Systems Development Project

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Bead Bar Systems Development Project Introduction The mesh topology connects each device to other devices on the network. With these multiple connections make mesh networks reliable. Mesh network topology is one of the key network architectures in which devices are connected with many redundant interconnections between network nodes such as routers and switches. In a mesh topology if any cable or node fails, there are many other ways for two nodes to communicate. While ease of troubleshooting and increased reliability is definite pluses, mesh networks are expensive to install because they use a lot of cabling. Often, a mesh topology will be used in conjunction with other topologies (such as Star, Ring and Bus) to form a hybrid topology. Some wide area networks (WANs) architecture, such as the Internet, employs mesh routing. Wan connects all of the sites and allows headquarters to monitor and update the software on the desktop computers located at each site. I would recommend Desktop DBMSs for the Bead Bar. These types of DBMSs are designed for small to medium sized companies like the Bead Bar. With desktop DBMSs people with little or no formal training can use desktop databases. DBMSs have the ability to store vast amount of data. DBMSs keep track of data and it is easy to access stored data when needed. These systems provide security for the data and keep the dates of when the input was received. DBMSs allow multiple user access and have the ability to transform data into information and present it to users in a why they can understand. DBMSs give users the ability to create and modify databases and manipulate the data itself. The business community is pretty busy with database management systems it makes it easier to keep important records and transform data into information from tracking inventory to tracking purchases. These systems also provide a data dictionary or spread sheets such as Microsoft Excel for each entry which makes it easier for the user to retrieve information when needed this is a great feature because time is crucial. DBMSs make it easier to organize data such as the tracking of sales and purchases. It would be wise for the Bead Bar to invest in a good DBMS to manage data storage, provide security for data, transform data into information and present it to users, and allow multiple user access. This is a safe, easy, and organized way to run a business.
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