Bead Bar Network Paper

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Bead Bar Network Paper

Bead Bar is a company that has three branches: studios, franchises, and Bead Bar on Board. The studio sector of the company runs six bead bar studios. Besides the first, there are studios in New York City, on Long Island, in Washington, D.C., and in Boston, Massachusetts. The franchise branch markets a whole beading supply kit to companies that want to start their own bead studio. The branch is accountable for satisfying franchisees’ with their supply needs. The company even now operates with paper-based forms. The Bead Bar is currently big enough that the paper-based method is unproductive and has triggered some setbacks, as well as lost orders, faulty invoicing, and problems with delays of merchandise.

Worldwide communication can be accessed with information systems. If Bead Bar Company were to create a website where customers could buy beading products, they might end up with better profits. People all around the world would be capable to buy beading products without problems and conveniently since the character of information allows the option to change foreign currencies and foreign languages over the internet. Information systems also, allow every franchise to cooperate with each other or clients easily, in addition, by means of email and/or teleconference. What's more, information systems allow so that each franchise can exchange ideas and share information with each other in a small amount of time. Information systems may possibly also prevent the Bead Bar from losing sells. While the Bead Bar is on the increase and however still using a paper-based system, they will run into company problems. The loss of sales requests, inaccurate invoices, and late fulfillments will certainly cause unsatisfied customers. These customers will then inform others about their bad service they received from the Bead Bar Company. This will cause the Bead Bar to lose business. An information system allows a new well-organized and professional way to feel client orders, in a suitable manner. Information systems will also create an easier business to handle funds and bookkeeping.

Database Management Systems (DBMSs) achieve various functions for the business society. The most important operation is to manage data storage. Databases can keep a huge amount of data, designed for companies (Greenspun, 2003). Companies apply DBMSs to store up all information on their clientele, and their dealers, too. Databases are capable of managing inventory, which is vital to companies, such as Bead Bar, so they can tell when to restock and order products.
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