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Since a young age, I have loved being involved in my community and helping others. Whether it was sitting next to the new girl at lunch or serving turkey dinner to those in need on Thanksgiving Day, nothing seemed too small or too big. I was in the fourth grade when I really became immersed into community service. I had recently found out that, at the time, one of every eight children was food insecure. That meant in my class of 32 students, 4 of my friends were going to bed hungry! With the help of the community, I brought PB&J Week into schools and grocery stores in my area, to collect peanut butter and jelly for the hungry kids in my community. In the first year alone, over 3,000 jars of peanut butter and jelly were collected and donated to love food banks. After that, I was hooked and participate in any and every way I could to help better my community!

For the most part, everyone was very supportive; everyone except my “best friend.” Let’s call her Ella. Ella and I had been best friends literally since the day we were born (our mother’s were good friends). When we were younger, we got along great! However, as we grew up, Ella and her mother were tried to hold me back and tear me down in whatever ways possible. Ella was a great singer, much better than I was, but she wanted to be better than me in everything. Everything I branched out to participate in, Ella came along and she and her mother would love to make it own that Ella was going to become famous doing it because she was so great. Activities are had participated in since I was 3, Ella would come along and try to steal from me. I was being “me,” but Ella was trying to be “her” and “me” at the same time. But there were some things Ella could just walk right into, so th...

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...-to-girl meanness, whether she was the victim, victimizer, or bystander.

I know first hand the effects of girl-to-girl meanness. I don’t want any other girl to ever go through what I did. With Snotty is Naughty, I want to end girl-to-girl meanness once and for all. I was blessed enough to be able to overcome my “mean girl” and turn all that negative into something positive for Snotty is Naughty, but not every girl is that fortunate. Through it all, I was able to stay true to myself, while my victimizer was trying to be MY best self. But each girl is uniquely created. We each have strengths and we each have weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, so we may as well embrace our quirks and focus on our strengths and bettering our weaknesses, because that is all we really can do. We are each beautiful in our own, unique way. Once we realize that, we can all be our best selves.
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