Battling for A Man's Affections in "Ex-Girlfriends"

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The book "Ex-Girlfriends" by Kylie Adams is based in Manhattan and begins at the wedding of the ever-so-popular, and gorgeous Dean Paul Lockhart. Dean is getting married to previous reality television star, Aspen, and it's no glorious occasion for his three ex-girlfriends from college.

Lara Wald, Babe Mancini, and Gabrielle Foster were best friends at Brown University and all harbored the same affection for Dean but only Lara, at first, was given that same affection back. It was after a party that Dean and Babe attended together that the trio fell apart. Dean's new relationship with Babe didn't last because before long, Dean left her for Gabrielle. Evidently, Dean left Gabrielle as well. Now, eleven years later, with not a word spoken between the three, they are all guests at his wedding in which none of them are the bride. After an awkward and bitter reunion, the trio decides that in order for them to come to closure concerning Dean Paul's union with the reality T.V. "slut," they need to get over their difference and resolve it together.

Lara was with Dean for two years before he proved unfaithful to her and is having the hardest time getting over Dean. She soon finds comfort in a gorgeous celebrity named Joaquin Cruz who had a reputation for his promiscuity. Later, she finds that Joaquin and a friend of his have a website called topshelfpussyclubdotcom, where they post accounts of sexual encounters they've had with numerous women in high society. If Lara's encounters with Joaquin are posted on that site it could be incredibly damaging to Lara's prominent party planning firm and her reputation.

Babe Mancini is a A-list photographer for a credible magazine and hawks paparazzi photos on the side. Babe also dates Dean Paul Lockhart's rival since college, Jake James. Her and Jake's relationship is purely sexual and nothing else. Obviously, they are both using each other to, in a way, seek revenge on Dean. While in college, Babe had taken some artful, yet erotic pictures of Dean and had hopes of producing a book of these pictures and her experience with Dean to be published so that she could finally get her break and make it big in the world of photography. The book would also be the perfect way to seek revenge. Her beau, Jake James, has a show of his own and decides to steal these pictures from Babe so that he can get his own revenge on Dean.