Battles That Changed the Outcome of the American Revolution

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Battles that Changed the Outcome The Americans started out as a bunch of uncivilized colonies, but after the revolutionary war, they become a strong country that beat Britain for freedom. On Christmas night General George Washington makes a bold decision to cross the Delaware and ambushed the Hessians. Although risky, Washington brought new life to his rag tag army. General Burgoyne decides that in order to win this war, he needs to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies. Burgoyne’s plan sounded like a good idea to the British, but this action could be argued to be the reason why Britain did not win this war. Nearing the end of the war, the British were scarce on man and supplies. Washington took his army and his French allies to Yorktown and finished the British off ending the war. The most pivotal battles in determining the outcome of the American Revolution were battle of Trenton, Battle of Saratoga, and battle of Yorktown. The Battle of Trenton was not just about capturing the Hessians. Many events lead up to this war changing battle. When winter came, the American Troops were in a bad position. The soldiers were in need of food and also warm and new clothing. Washington begun to see his army fall apart and troops leave due to expiring enlistments. Washington knew that to keep this army together then there must be a victory to bring back hope. Washington also knew that a victory would also have to come before the Americans bared down for the winter. British troops returned to New York for the winter leaving Hessian troops at small outpost around Trenton to defend after winning Trenton in a previous battle. The British and American armies both should be done with fighting and getting ready for the winter and the... ... middle of paper ... ...783, a final treaty was made which ended the war and gave the Americans independence. The Battle of Trenton is one of the most important battles because this was the battle that brought back hope to the Americans before the winter. The Battle of Saratoga left a huge impact on the American Revolution because the Battle of Saratoga had made the Americans more optimistic about this war. Also the Battle of Saratoga made the British fear that this war is not going to be as easy as they thought. The Battle of Yorktown is argued as the most pivotal battle in the American Revolution because it was the battle that ended the American Revolution and the final battle before the Americans had earned their freedom from Britain. The Battle of Trenton, Battle of Saratoga, and Battle of Yorktown are the most important battles that led the Americans to win the fight for freedom.