Battle of the Tablets: Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

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Tablets are effective tools used to improve user’s productivity and online experience, whether they are used for business or life in general. Tablets are smaller than a laptop and larger than a Smartphone, so they are perfect to take on the go. Users can browse the internet, create presentations, stay connected with their boss, download games, watch movies, share photos and much more with their tablets. Just recently tablets have become very popular. Therefore, there are over 47.5 million tablets sold in the United States today. Two of the most popular tablets on the market are the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Evaluating their battery life and capacity, screen size, and price, a user will soon figure out which table is best for them. Though each of them had good qualities, I preferred the iPad more than the Kindle.
Users love their tablets! Who wouldn't want a tablet that has a long lasting battery? Having the battery run out right when trying to finish a project, email a boss, or even finishing a game is a big disappointment, and needs to be taken into consideration when trying to decide which tablet is best. Though each tablet has a significant amount of battery life, the iPad out runs the Kindle with a difference of 4 to 5 hours. The iPad’s battery life is 9-10 hours (depending on whether the 4G is in use), while the Kindle’s battery life is only 4 hours and 55 minutes. Having those extra hours could save a person from getting an F on a project or losing a client. Another substantial quality that corresponds with the battery life, is the capacity that the tablets will hold. There is nothing worse for users than having to delete some of their favorite apps because they need to download something else. Ever...

... middle of paper ... almost everywhere . . . rarely take the laptop along now. The iPad is that powerful.” For me, the iPad is worth the expense to get something with such quality and advanced technology.
IPad’s and Kindle’s are two very different tablets that I assessed on battery life and capacity, screen size, and price. IPad’s and Kindle’s were made to better people’s lives my making tasks more efficient and fun. Though each tablet would be nice to have, the iPad demonstrated that it would provide for users better because it had a better battery life, better capacity, and a big screen. The iPad is worth the extra money because it will be more efficient for people at college and work. People will benefit from having a tablet in their hands, but I believe that the iPad will better assist them for the future.

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