Battle of the Religions

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Battle of the Religions

Beowulf is the oldest English epic. It is the story of the Geat warrior Beowulf and his heroic deeds. It originates from the Anglo-Saxon period and was passed on orally for generations until it was written down by Christian monks around 1000 AD. The Anglo Saxons were a heathen, or pagan, culture, yet throughout the poem there are many Christian references intermingled with the pagan values.

Through the poem it is stressed that Beowulf was sent to the Danes from God to help eradicate the monster Grendel, and later Grendel’s mother. “Our Holy Father/ Has sent him as a sign of His grace, a mark/ Of His favor, to help us defeat Grendel/ And end that terror” (Beowulf 381-384).Then, it is said beginning in Line 525, that Beowulf has only been lucky in his battles and that his luck may change. Later in Line 555, Beowulf says that it is fate that helped him win his battles, and that it was “God’s bright beacon” that led him to safety, but he was saved by fate (Beowulf 369). The claim that luck and fate, both pagan concepts, are the cause for Beowulf many victorie...
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