Battle of becoming One

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a story about an individual torn between two identities with a desire to transform. In Jekyll and Hyde he is transformed through the different personalities he confides in to feel as himself. Stevenson wanted to be someone else. In his early stages he was isolated in a house in Edinburg because of illness. Young Stevenson spent his prime days in the house instead of being adventurous and playing freely as other boys his age. In result, mischief and curiosity of exploring the outside world developed later in age. In the story, everyone had their own plans for Robert’s life. His father wanted him to be an engineer, but Stevenson wanted to do poetry. Society wanted him to be a “normal” citizen again Stevenson wanted to be his own person, which was a bohemian. College is where he allowed the Stevenson he wanted to be take charge. Mute to expressing himself, Robert Stevenson had the constant battle of two people inside him. These two people were Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr.Jekyll, is whom society wants him to be or what is socially acceptable. Mr. Hyde is all the secret desires, the rebellious one. The solution for one side of the personality to win is the suicide, but in the real life, he escaped the society and joined one where he can be whatever he wants; where he finally got free of the fight with two persons in him, and united them making peace with himself. The story is conveying Stevenson battling social acceptance during the Victorian time period, balancing good and evil, and finding himself. During the Victorian time period men often lived secret lives. Not able to live the life they desired, hiding their life became a common custom. In Jekyll and Hyde he is transformed through the different persona... ... middle of paper ... ...irtue did not possess the power to overcome his dark desires. Ultimately, with time, the temptation reduces him to a pathetic recluse that commits suicide to avoid being discovered. This story is an exaggerated example of duality in human nature: Stevenson utilizes the severity of Dr. Jekyll’s condition to make the concept more profound. Man contains both evil and good in him and it is up to him to decide which he will become. ("") Works Cited Kirschen, R.. N.p.. Web. 11 Mar 2014. . Stevenson, R. L.. N.p.. Web. 11 Mar 2014. . Roberts, James L. CliffsNotes on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 11 Mar 2014. . N.p.. Web. 12 Mar 2014. .
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