Battle for Control of the Falkland Islands

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As tensions are beginning to heat up between England and Argentina over who owns the sovereignty rights to the Falkland Islands, many do not want a repeat of the Falklands War. As Argentina has tried again and again to claim sovereignty of the islands, it has become even more important as it is believed that the island contains millions barrel of oil. The recent confrontation between England and Argentina, over control of the Falkland Islands is very similar and has its roots from the New Imperialism era of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, also it is very similar to the situation that Iran saw it self in after becoming a more significant contributor to the world economy after the demand for oil was started increase, while they were under the oppressive dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

As England has decided to go on with their plans to begin exploratory drilling for oil they have again angered the Argentinian people and government. The dispute of who has sovereignty over the islands dates back all the way to the nineteenth century, when imperialism was out in full force. The island had been occupied by many other European nations, and because of this the people on the island now consider themselves more European than South American, and have rejected Argentines numerous attempts at luring them to join Argentina. This is a classical example of Stockholm syndrome, after being under European rule since the mid-nineteenth century, the citizens of the Falkland islands just do not want to give up all of the benefits that they receive for being British citizens, and also the knowledge that they will always be protected.

For England however the island represents a oil gold mine, and the sooner they are able to b...

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...s. The sad thing in all of this that Argentina has full neglected what the people of the Falkland islands want, and that is to remain under the control of the British Empire.

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