Battle Tactics Used during the American Revolution

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The American Revolution is one of the most significant wars in modern history. It was a war in which thirteen colonies fought against the mighty British military in order to become an independent nation. Before the start of the Revolutionary War, the Colonists were dissatisfied with Great Britain and its heavy taxes on the Colonists and sought to negotiate with Great Britain to lower their taxes and give them freedom. However, it soon turned into a Revolutionary War with the American colonies fighting for their independence, while Great Britain sought to keep their control over the American colonies. Several years later, the American colonies fought off the British and formed a new, independent nation, the United States of America. During the American Revolution, the British had a vast military of consisting of ground and naval forces, yet it was unable to defeat the Colonists, whose military forces were considerably smaller than that of the British. The American forces, led by General George Washington, were ferocious fighters, strong willed, used brilliant military strategies and desired their independence from Great Britain. Although the American Revolution was between the American colonies and Great Britain, Great Britain was not the only foreign power involved in the American Revolution. The French was a significant ally to the American colonies during the revolutionary war, which saw the American Colonists' war against Great Britain as a way to defeat their longtime enemy. Had it not been for the Colonists superior military tactics as well as the alliance between the American colonies and France, the American Revolution may not have ended as a successful Revolution, and the American colonies may have never gained their inde...

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...the United States of America. If it wasn't for the superior military strategies used by the American forces and the alliance between the American colonies and France, the United States of America may have never existed.

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