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Some battles start for land distribution, government, resources, and many other reasons. The battle of Midway started from earlier conflict between America and Japan. America and Japan would help each other. For instance America would give Japan oil for weapons and vehicles. Also Before the battle of Midway happened Japan was building a Pacific empire very quickly and nobody could stop them. After Midway everything in America settled down and Japanese expansion stopped. The battle of Midway was an important battle in history because it was a turning point in Pacific Theatre.
The main events that led to the battle of Midway are the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Coral Sea battle. Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor (U.S. naval base), so that the U.S. would not interfere with Japan conquering the Dutch East Indies. They wanted oil and the land from the Indies. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. America didn’t know that Japan was attacking them, so it was a surprise attack and they were not prepared. Japan was attacking America’s ships and planes. Japan went home with the victory, but the next day America declared war on Japan. The Coral Sea battle lasted from May 4 –May 8 1942. This battle was fought by America and Australia vs Japan. Japan wanted to invade New Guinea and the Solomon Islands for their oil and land. Japan successfully invaded Tulagi in Solomon Islands on May 3- 4. May 8-7 both sides suffered great losses in aircraft and carriers because they were either sunk or damaged so both sides disengaged from the battle area. Both of these were important events that caused the battle of Midway.
The Japanese battle plan was extraordinary for both its ambition and complexity. Japan was attacking ...

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... gain back power, strength, and a new navy. Training new men took a long time and they didn’t have a good quality of training, especially pilots. Japan learned some lessons and good tips from this battle. One was to have more aircraft refueled and re-armed on flight deck instead of in hangars. Another was to practice draining out unused fuel. The last one (even though there are more) was when the new carriers were being built to have only two flight deck elevators. Since America, won Japan decided to never again threaten domination in the Pacific.
This battle was an important turning point in pacific theatre. America won the battle of Midway. Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, and past conflict were all rising action between U.S. and Japan. Japan never threatened the Pacific Theatre again. This battle was caused by many events that were all very important in history.

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