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A Brief History of WWII and Analysis of the Battle of the Bulge
In August 1939 there was a non-aggression pact signed between two leaders. Adolf Hitler, the late dictator of Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin, the late dictator of the Soviet Union. This pact, designed in nature, to prevent the invasion of ether country by the other; however, the two Dictators formed a plan in secret to divide parts of Eastern Europe starting with Poland and eventually taking control and dividing the European Continent between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Approximately one month later the two forces join and attack Poland with such force that the battle earned the name Blitzkrieg, (meaning the lightning war) with the fall of Poland emanate, Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand are forced to declare War against Nazi Germany thus beginning WWII, the most violent war in the history of the world.
In September 1939, Canada joins the fight and the Battle of the Atlantic begins, a turning point for the many countries involved in the conflict. On 27 September 1939 Poland falls. With both the Nazi and Soviet Militaries now in complete control of the country they are free to divide it amongst the two Communist Countries. After the division of Poland the Soviet Union moves to occupy Finland and the Nazi German forces focuses their attention to Scotland, attacking Scapa Flow Navel Base. With both Militaries now moving north the Nazi’s stage the invasion of Denmark and Norway. Approximately one month later the Nazi’s invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, out of sheer terror Holland decides to wave the white flag, surrendering its control to the Nazi forces. 13 days later, Belgium ends there offensive measure, with the comple...

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