Battered Women And Shelters The Social Construction Of Wife Abuse Essay

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Maria, a victim of two abusive relationships states, “The worst assault was when he strangled me and pushed me towards the wall. I was petrified and tried not to make him more furious. He never apologised for this, and I believed “I deserved it” because I made him angry”. Just like Maria, “1 out of 4 women are beaten by their spouses or partners at some point in their lives”(BFWC) and most do not do anything about it until the matter worsens. According to GlobalGrind, the victim does …show more content…

Some women refuse to even believe that they are in an abusive relationship. In the book called “The Battered Women and Shelters: The social Construction of Wife Abuse”, the author defines domestic violence as “after a violent event, an abusive man might feel guilty, he might act loving, contrite, and charming to this victim, but wife abuse is about those events where he will return to his abusive behavior”(19) This author’s definition of domestic abuse also explains the reason on why a women might want to believe and hope that one day their abusive partner may get better and change. Unfortunately, the inflictors behavior changing from abusive to loving permanently is a very rare occurrence. Women should know if they are in an abusive relationship and should be able to reach out for help from friends and family or even professionals without any fear. There are many different hotlines or agencies that can help women get out of the miserable situations they are currently living in. Women should be able to rely on anyone to help them get out of the unfortunate situation they could be in. While trying to help women get out of abusive relationships and dangerous situations, we should also be enforcing support groups for abusers and trying to rectify the abusers instead of just blaming the victims for not being able to get out of the relationship fast

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that 1 out of 4 women are beaten by their spouses or partners at some point in their lives and most don't do anything about it until the matter worsens. domestic abuse is a serious and recurring issue in the world.
  • Analyzes how women who are abused lose their self-esteem and self worth, believing that they deserve what is happening to them.
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