Bathroom Design Ideas for a Relaxing Bathroom

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When planning most home designs, bathrooms are usually given the lowest priority. This is often because the bathroom is seen as only a space that has one utilitarian purpose. However, this doesn't have to be the case. By using a few innovative bathroom design ideas, you can make your bathroom one of the most relaxing and beautiful spaces in your home.

One of the most stunning bathroom design ideas that helps to bring out the best in a bathroom's ambiance is to add wood-trimmed accessories to the bathroom space. Wood-trimmed accessories add an element of rustic authenticity to a historic home's bathroom space. In a modern home, the wood-trimmed accessories add an element of natural personality that gives the feeling that one is returning to nature when they enter the bathroom area. Generally speaking, wood-trimmed accessories lend an air of natural beauty that makes any bathroom a space for relaxation and refreshment.

A great wood-trimmed accessory that will fit well in any historic home's bathroom is the Premier 592137 Mirror from the Essen Collection. This mirror is trimmed in dark mahogany wood and has an elegance and style that gives a new definition to graceful sophistication and affordable luxury. With a 25-inch width and a 31.5-inch length, this mirror is the perfect size to make a bathroom look larger. Also because this mirror is easy to match with other traditional style bathroom fixtures, it will be great for any historically inspired bathroom. Overall, this mirror is one of the best that an owner of a historic home could install in their bathroom.

Another great bathroom design idea to use for creating a relaxing bathroom space is to blend together artistic styling that gives your bathroom a new level of elegance and sophistication. One way to blend artistic styling into your bathroom is to use stylish toilet paper holders in your bathroom. These classy bathroom accessories don't just hold the toilet paper in your bathroom. They provide a way to heighten the overall beautiful design of your bathroom. With everything that is provided by a classy toilet paper holder, it is one of the best accessories to install in a bathroom to blend together its overall artistic styling.

One toilet paper holder that will blend together a bathroom's artistic styling in a classy way is the Kohler K-12157 Fairfax Single Post Toilet Paper Holder. This exquisite toilet paper holder has a unique flair to it that will correspond with a traditional or contemporary style bathroom.

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