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Finding the right snowboard is essential for cruising groomed trails, floating through powder, or to ride the rails. The type of terrain is typically the deciding factor when choosing a snowboard. One aspect of snowboards is the many sizes, shapes, and types that are available. Making the wisest choice requires a fair amount of research of the options that are available. All-Mountain This is the best all-around option of snowboard for use anywhere on a mountain. The all-mountain will be a good selection for many groomed runs, park and pipe, and back country. There is a directional and twin tips option based on user preference. A direction board is used for down hill runs and the twin tips is used for riding in either direction. The all-mountain board is the best choice for beginners and a rider who has moderate experience. These boards are well-designed and made to be versatile. Freestyle – Park These boards are short, light, and flexible. They typically have twin tips that allow riders to excel when jibbing boxes, grinding rails, performing tricks, spins, and hitting jumps. ...

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