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There are many activities to enjoy when visiting London and is the reason this city is a destination that will fit the needs of many visitors. One aspect of touring this city is determining the type of tour. There are also many tourist destinations in and around the city. Review a few reasons to take a trip to London and the tour options to consider when planning a trip. .

The Capitol

The capital of the United Kingdom is London which has various international airports that are in close proximity. Visitors to the city can fly into London City Airport, Luton, Standted, London Gatewick, or London Heathrow. There are also various transportation links available to other destinations which are included with a tour of London.

City Attractions

Various world famous tourist attractions are located in London. A London tour will include a trip to the British Museum and many other attractions. There are many areas in London that have a cultural and a historical significance.

One of the top tourist attractions in London is the EDF London Eye. This is a feat of engineering that a tourist will often find extraordinary.

St Paul's Cathedral is a structure dedicated to St Paul that overlooks the city of London. Visitors learn a significant amount of history of this building which was built in 640 AD. This is a great attraction for a group of tourists on a walking tour.

A tour of London will not be complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. This building is the home and office of The Queen which also houses the Royal Household administrative headquarters.


Visitors to London will be introduced to the world famous Oxford Street. There are over 50 shoe shops along with Westfield Shopping Centres. Another option is to see c...

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...e a group to various areas which are within a moderate walking distance. There are many specific areas that may be found by raking a themed walking tour. One option is a royal-themed walking tour or tours that can cover many of the fantastic structures seen in the city. There are many local tour guides available for a variety of walking tours.

Many visitors to London will not be familiar with the types of buses that are in use. A London tour that includes a bus ride is will be the most encompassing and the best way to get the most of the landmarks within the city. Visitors have the option for hop off tours and open-top bus tours. Bus tours provide any tourist with the best way to see the splendor of London.

Bob Smith is a travel expert for Premium Tours who has spent many years experiencing the sights and attractions available for tourists in the city of London.
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