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Futures rose last week after the largest one-day drop in the last six months. However, traders seemed to remain cautious as there are concerns about global growth. The Dow had fallen 2.1 percent or a total of 326 points on February 3rd. This was the biggest one day sell-off in over seven months. This was due to growing concerns with weakness occurring in the U.S. economy. The Dow came back the nest day and added 0.5 percent or 72.44 points. The SAP added 0.8 percent or 13.31 points. The Nasdaq rose by 0.9 percent of 34.56 points.

All major markets dropped due to a weak manufacturing activity reported that stoked fears that growth was slowing. This report was released after many weeks of worry about economic and political turmoil occurring in emerging markets. The stocks and currencies in developing countries also rebounded after futures showed signs of recovery. One interesting aspect about the gain in stock futures was the lack of news prompting market movements.

Many traders have expected a rebound after the decline in markets that occurred. This is often due to a bounce-back e...
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