Baseball's Greatest Change

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“The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time,” said Jackie Robinson before he was given the opportunity to play professional baseball. Segregation was a huge part of society in all aspects, and it greatly affected many lives throughout history. A major area in which segregation was prevalent was sports. Along with most other aspects of society, sports players were separated and blacks could not play with whites. There were many things that needed to be changed in society, and segregation in sports was one that definitely should have been changed earlier than it was changed. The ending of racial segregation in baseball changed the game of baseball for the better.
There were many hardships being endured by African Americans, baseball players were not the only people suffering. Black boxers and jockeys were the first American professional athletes, and this paved the way for African Americans in baseball (Hoose xxiv). Many influential blacks in New York thought that the desegregation of baseball was one of the most important topics of the time period and they decided to fight for this goal (Eig 21). Black athletes and the black community created their own sports world because of the hardships they were put through due to racism (Rogosin 3). When baseball was integrated, it brought people of all types together for once to participate in and watch a game they all loved.
With all the conflicts going on in the world, the Negro League was a place where all black could come together through a great sport. Black athletes and the black community created their own sports world because of the hardships they were put through due to racism (Rogosin 3). During this time in America, even the gre...

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... the world to live their dream and play in America.
One of the most successful things in baseball history is when the game of baseball was changed and allowed players of all race to compete together. The integration of baseball brought or country a little closer because it gave everyone a place to come together and focus on our similarities. Many players and family’s benefited greatly from the integration of baseball. Many people helped this process, but one of the most important was Branch Rickey. Rickey and others helped to bring Jackie Robinson on the Dodgers, which lead to many more players being integrated into Major League baseball. Today there are many more non-American players playing professional baseball than there are white players. The Integration of baseball changed one game completely and allowed it to thrive even more than it already was thriving.
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