Baseball: The Game: Inventing The Game Of Baseball

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Baseball may be viewed as America’s pastime, but it is a game that is always changing. When the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club made a set of twenty rules in 1845, not once did they think they would evolve into what they are now. Originally, the rules of baseball were simple and easy. Today, the rules of baseball are immensely complex. Abner Doubleday is the man responsible for actually inventing the game of baseball, but it is Alexander Cartwright that is responsible for creating the guidelines for the game. Baseball came around in the year 1845 and has been changing ever since. Before baseball was actually called baseball, it had many different names. It was called things such as, “barn ball. sock ball, round ball” (Lane 2). A more…show more content…
From base to base, the distance was forty two paces. One pace is equal to roughly thirty inches, therefore, the distance from base to base was seventy five feet. Each base was equidistant. Even the distance from home plate to second base was the same. Currently, however, the bases are ninety feet apart and the pitching mound is sixty feet and six inches from home plate. All of the bases are the same distance apart except for home plate and second base. From home plate to second base, the distance is a total of one hundred and twenty seven…show more content…
Today, everyone can see that the whole team is wearing identical uniforms. A whole team has on uniforms of identical color and style. Each uniform must have the players number on the back. Even the color of the shirt worn under a uniform must be some color that represents the team they play for. During the nineteenth century, uniforms did not have to be and were not identical. Each position player wore a different color shirt. Each team even had their own specified sock color. This meant that no team ever matched, except for their

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