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doing what baseball teams have be doing for a hundred years. The Athletics as a whole are very methodical following different procedures depending on the time of year. We see this right away in the movie, we go from the losing game straight into offseason activities. Talking about what players to get to fill holes in the lineup and how to structure the team for next season. Once training camp and the season starts the organization switches into improving and working with players on their current roster. Only trading or acquiring new players when it is needed, they set that aspect of the game aside for the season. Throughout the whole year they will try to develop their team and win games until the offseason come and they will begin the process…show more content…
As you can see this is an extremely repetitive process that follows main old practices and policies. Which is what a bureaucratic culture is built from. After the Change After people start accepting Billy’s and Peter’s new way of thinking of baseball and playing along with it we see a dramatic change in the organizational structure. The main thing that caused people to start believing in the system and wanting to change was when the team start winning. When they starting winning everyone’s opinion changed and they jumped on board Billy and Peter’s idea. Before the organization was highly specialized but after the change it does not seem that way. We see Billy interact with players which he did not do before. We see scouts and Billy getting along and we can also assume that the relationship between Billy and the manager of the team, Art Howe is a lot better. Also we observe that the organization is less formalized. They organization changes the least when it comes to formalization I think but it does change a bit still. We see the hierarchy that was so tall before breaking down in a flatter hierarchy of authority. This goes back to the point that we see Billy interact with…show more content…
The external environment did not change at all. The MLB started in 1869 and it is not going anywhere any time soon, this environment is extremely stable. That beginning said the environment within baseball is not very stable. Rosters are constantly changing, players are signed, dropped or trades. This means that within the league there is always new threats and opportunities arising. This does not only affect the roster as managers and other staff members can be traded and replaced which could change the whole dynamic of the organization. The level of training and intellect of the Athletics staff does not change. Although many did not attend a school for what their jobs consist of, there is no real schooling for baseball only experience. The Athletics had tons of experience in there organization so we can say that they were highly trained for their jobs. Organizational goals is also something that did not change when the organization changed. The goals of the organization do depend on who you ask though. We see Billy talk to the owner of the team in one of the first scene of the movie. This is where we see the goals the owner has for the team. From this scene we can see that the owner does not really believe that his small market team can compete with these large teams. We can see that he does not really think it’s realistic to win a championship with the money they have.

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