Barrio Boy 'In The Hobbit' By Ernesto Galarza

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Many people take on missions for whatever reason, but one thing that all missions have and all people taking on missions are obligated to face: is the danger of getting out of their comfort zone. Bilbo Baggins, from The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, and Ernesto Galarza, from “Barrio Boy” by Ernesto Galarza, had to tread in murky waters to accomplish their goals. Bilbo Baggins had to battle his fear and is trying to find a balance between his two sides while trying to fight a dragon and Ernesto Galarza had to overcome his lack of English vocabulary trying to accomplish his goal of becoming a good American. These goals all motivate these men into overcoming their obstacles they faced. Bilbo Baggins In the story The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins had to face…show more content…
In paragraph one, it states “It was a new building, painted yellow, with a shingled roof that was not like the red tile of the school in Mazatlán. I noticed other differences, none of them very reassuring. “ This shows that since Mazatlán is in Mexico, Ernesto is an immigrant who needs more education to further extend his knowledge and understanding of American culture. He had to learn English and learn to become a good American citizen. The main goal for Ernesto was to become a good American. As it says in paragraph 16 “Miss Hopley and her teachers never let us forget why we were at Lincoln: for those who were alien, to become good Americans; for those who were so born, to accept the rest of us.” This shows that the overall mission goal was to become good Americans and for others to discard their racial hatred. So although his school was no longer Mazatlán Ernesto learned to accept it and learned English along the way. He went to a new country, new waters, and found a new life and a new…show more content…
Baggins wanted to help the dwarves and triumph his fears that came with being a Baggins. Ernesto wanted to learn, adapt, respect, and follow the American culture. He was taught to become a good American. All though it is unclear whether or not Bilbo succeeded in his mission, he strived and that was all that matters. Though Bilbo Baggins and Ernesto Galarza had missions that were not their cup of tea they did their utmost to accomplish their goal. We too, can succeed in the missions we take is we are willing to risk our comfort zone being
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