Barriers For Women To Position Of Power Essay

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President of the United States, Vice President, Justice of Supreme Court and among other high ranked positions have never been jobs held by a women. Instead, these jobs continue to be dominated by men. Women are less likely to been seen in leadership roles. Women are seen as naturally weaker than a male coworker and expected to have children, quit their jobs and be the primary caregivers. What is this teaching the next generation about women obtaining higher job opportunities? Are barriers to women’s success as leaders due to societal obstacles? The article, “Barriers for Women to Position of Power”, is in support of research question due social construction of gender differences. Women and Leadership: A Contextual Perspective, which mimics my stance, opposes the research question because the overall leadership styles and behavioral characteristics differ between men and women. This causes women to face barriers in obtaining success in leadership careers. Throughout the long years of oppression, women faced social obstacles that have hindered their success as leaders. In the past not enough attention was given to women’s history, experiences, or even achievements. Not to mention not incorporating women’s race, sexual orientation, or social economic status into it. In “Barriers for Women to Position of Power”, an article from Earth Common Journal, focuses on how a society deeply rooted in culture, social expectations of women and their domestic obligations do not allow women to advance in the corporate world. To help clarify the complexity as to why women’s barriers to success in achieving leadership positions are difficult, the article was divided into sections: The Labyrinth, Structural Issues in Society... ... middle of paper ... ...aping the ideal women. Having these roles models can give women the purpose and encouragement they need to strive for higher opportunities, especially in the work force. It is psychological differences and cognitive abilities that differ women from men in reaching higher opportunities. Women process information differently than men, but that doesn’t mean women should be viewed inferior, just differently. It does not mean women’s capabilities are lesser than that of a man; job opportunities should be given just as equally. Women’s barriers as leaders in the social world go beyond gender norms and stereotypes Social construction of gender difference has been a problem in our society for many years, but is not the only issue. Women’s advancements in the workplace has greatly progressed through out the decades, but work still needs to be done to improve equality for all.
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