Barriers And The Pursuit Of Higher Education

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Barriers to the Pursuit of Higher Education

Clear access to higher education can be difficult for some people and can cause delayed admissions from people who do not have clear pathways. Not all students find that higher education is equally accessible. The multiple factors as to why access to higher education cannot be accessible to some people include: Financial, socio-economical, geographical issues, and family responsibilities.

The first and probably the biggest barrier that fogs a student’s pathway to post-secondary education is the financial standpoint of it. Attending a college will require financial aid, funding, and/or working while attending classes. Different states attain different approaches to help students receive financial aid from that college. Many students may feel as if they aren’t able to attain college because they aren’t able to budget the money for tuition or do not think they are eligible for financial aid. “Clearly, along with the high stress levels that comes with the realization that in tough times, affording college is no given and there are things that trump fancy windshield stickers from brand-name colleges” (Applebome 7). Another problem with education is that if a student is not personally paying for their tuition they tend to not take their classes as seriously and that could cause their parents to budget more money than they already have had or make their kids liable to pay the tuition in the future in they do not pass their classes. However, a study shows that that students in receipt of financial support report that it has enabled them to stay on course and that they consider withdrawing less than their peers (HEFCE and OFFA by ARC Network).

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...eir FAFSA, says Regina Huggins, dean of financial aid at the college” (U.S. News). However, the obstacles are still tremendous for them to be able to juggle everything financially, physically, mentally and from a time management standpoint. A student could argue this as an easy excuse but offers like the Wake Technical Community College make it hard to deny. Losing a parent and otherwise having to contribute by caring for siblings or sick family members is another such cause of additional family responsibilities. This usually comes with no assistance for the student.

In conclusion, many factors cant affect access to higher education and some of those include financial, socio-economic, geographical issues, and financial responsibilities. These issues only scratch the surface of what all factors can contribute to why someone may not pursue post-secondary education.

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