Barrier Reef Environmental Impacts

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Climate change is predicted to become a major threat to biodiversity in the 21st century,
but accurate predictions and effective solutions have proved difficult to formulate(Terence P et al., 2011). Warmer and more acidic conditions inhibit coral calcification, carbonate precipitation, and submarine cementation; These effects are expected to reduce long-term rates of reef framework construction(Lauren et al., 2012).As global warming gradually becoming severe, it’s effects on the coral reefs also leads a critical concern about the diversity and quantity of coral reefs in Great Barrier. Great Barrier Reef is not only functioned as a beautiful landscape, but also an essential component of the coral reef ecosystem. Any change of could have a great…show more content…
Although there are many uncertain factor in the study of coral reefs, what we can sure is that the diversity and the quantity of Great Barrier Reef is decreasing under the global warming. No matter coral reefs’ future is more serious or it is optimistic, global warming’s effect on coral reefs is negative, especially for Great Barrier Reef. Disregard of coral reefs’ protection on coastal, there are still million of people relying on the tourism or other aspects of Great Barrier Reef. Contemplating policies that result in [CO2]atm above 500 ppm appears extremely risky for coral reefs and the tens of millions of people who depend on them directly, even under the most optimistic circumstances(Hoegh-Guldberg et al., 2007). People have to take action to stop the steps of global warming. There are many experts predict the future of coral reefs without human action, for example: Without the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations, it seems inevitable that many of the world’s coral reefs will become nonaccreting habitats—they will, based on most common definitions, cease to be coral reefs(Mark 2015; Barbara 2015); Eakin :Unless there is concerted action to reduce greenhouse gases,” he warns, “bleaching will become increasingly common and not just during extraordinary weather events”(Dennis
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